Anna Katharina Meyer

M.A. Political Science MBA Renewables

Anna is an expert in the field of Climate Action and Sustainability Accounting. She co-founded several initiatives promoting life-serving movements like FindingSustainia and The Climate Bet. Her international background, living and working 6 years in Asia, Africa, and the US, allows her to take up a global view of the grand challenges of our times. As a keynote speaker, she stands for a passionate, open-minded, and proactive approach towards our common future, underlined with a broad expertise, and a focus on co-creation and innovative thinking.

Anna is working on her Ph.D. in Accounting & Controlling, holds an MBA in Renewables, and M.A. in Political Sciences. For her master’s thesis, she spent 6 months in Eastern and Western Africa, located inter alia in the Ministry of Finance in Senegal researching the effect of budget support on the national budget. The renowned postgraduate program of the German Development Institute offered her insights into the process of WTO accession of Laos with a 3-months research period abroad resulting in a monography that has been translated into several languages.

For 5 years, Anna worked for German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ) in the context of eco-industrial development in Asia and the MENA region. For another 5 years, she worked as an advisor for the Ministry for Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia on the German Energy Transition, specifically on aspects of Energy Storage, Grid Integration of Renewables, and Hydropower.

Annas academic research is about sustainability control systems and is strongly connected with the valuation and accounting of new investment horizons for the generation of ecological and infrastructural livelihoods worldwide, and the development of new models of sustainable economic value creation.

Honorary Positions (selection)

  • Club of Rome, German Association DCoR Member, Member of the Presidium
  • Female Investor Network – Member

  • Think Tank 30 of the German Association Club of Rome – Associate member
  • Women & Energy – Member, Advisory Board Member until 2019
  • EAF European Academy for Diversity in Leadership – Fellow

  • swd German Economy Foundation – Fellow


Stations (selection)

  • University of Düsseldorf, Manchot Graduate School – PhD Candidate

  • Energy Engineers GmbH (TÜV Nord) – Expert Integration of Renewable Energies & Storage

  • Energy Agency North Rhine-Westphalia – Expert Hydropower

  • GIZ German Corporation for International Cooperation – Expert Eco Industrial Development with positions in Taiyuan/Beijing, Jakarta, Hyderabad/New Delhi, and Tunis

  • DIE German Development Institute – Postgraduate