Basics & Infrastructure

Infrastructural, and daily basics investment targets, selection:

  • renewable energy production, energy storage and transfer systems,
  • water purification, desalination and supply,
  • circular economy, recycling and closed-loop cycles,
  • green building and construction,
  • material and energy-efficiency,
  • education system, health facilities, and public supply,

    . . . and many more.

On our planet, millions of people, especially children, are suffering because of a lack of nutrition, poor access to nutrition and fresh water, inadequate health and education systems, insufficient access to energy, public transport and logistics, and unavailable basic technological infrastructures for daily needs.

Millions of humans are in peril because of their deep poverty, especially in rural areas, but also in large cities. Because of their desperate existential poorness, more and more people are fleeing their home regions, where they lack the very basics of daily lives.

Our global human community needs peace and co-operation, public spirit and empathy, if we want to proceed living in a livable and beautiful world, borne of dignity and solidarity.

Investments in the daily primary needs of people are crucial for a peaceful and sustainable development of humankind. If they are not sufficiently addressed as investment targets, there is no chance to end the flaming threat between societies and cultures, between rich and poor, between the younger and the older generations.