United Sustainability – made for the re:generation of humanities common livelihoods

Since the dawn of sustainable investments, United Sustainability has provided professional expertise, strategic and conceptual intelligence, in order to guide and support the pioneering financial institutions on their way towards true sustainability. For this we are working with large and medium- sized investors, political bodies and scientific institutions, rating agencies, project developers and civil society organizations.

United Sustainability’s objective is to enable systematically future-oriented financial investments through an innovative as well as conscious investment strategy.

Preamble of the memorandum of the company

This is the time to move forward courageously into future, and to work together in order to strengthen our ecological livelihoods in their vigor and regeneration.

We are at the beginning of the rise of a life-sustaining culture.

United Sustainability was founded from this deep faith, mirrored and codified in the preamble to our corporate contract.

Preamble of the memorandum of United Sustainability GmbH

In deep respect to all life on earth, the declared entrepreneurial purposes of United Sustainability Group are the sustaining, the strengthening and the regeneration of the biogeoecological and climatic livelihoods, as well as of the cultural, social and infrastructural foundations of humanity as a whole, and on behalf of the future generations.

United Sustainability therefore targets on the practical execution and implementation of a regenerative economy, including the development and establishment of its methodological and theoretical foundations. With this, United Sustainability addresses, i. a., a future-oriented transformation of corporate and investment cultures as well as in all areas of entrepreneurial and investment practice. This includes the build-up and improvement of ecological and infrastructural livelihoods necessary for the removal of poverty, the providing of high-quality nutrition, of healthcare, and of the advancement of the multiplicity of knowledge and education, as well as the preservation, strengthening and restoration of the planetary ecosystems.

In this spirit, United Sustainability dedicates itself to an ethic of the living and thus to the deep integration of people and nature in the evolutionary processes towards a life-serving, sustainable future and the resulting value

orientations. Safeguarding and empowering the living, homo sapiens inclusively, and building up the diversity of our common livelihoods are the highest priorities for United Sustainability in its economic actions. This integrates all economic and investors activities, all products, services, and value chains in their entirety and with their effects on nature including humans.

United Sustainability encourages companies and investors to consistently transform their corporate strategies and business practices towards the externalization of positive effects (“good impacts”) for the planetary life systems and thus, for humanity.

United Sustainability wants to support the safeguarding and improvement of the ecological and infrastructural fundaments for our common future. Accordingly, United Sustainability measures own actions and activities along their organizational, entrepreneurial, investor and individual contributions to a sustainable development of humankind and the preservation, regeneration and strengthening of the planetary life systems and therefore will be rated along these results.

For this purpose, United Sustainability is supported, encouraged, and nurtured by organizations and individuals committed to a life-sustaining future for all people around the world, with advice and expertise, with experience, partnerships, and networking.

Join us on that journey, to create a life-sustaining future for humankind.


Accelerated by our common challenge – the urgency to stop the ecological collapse of our livelihoods, to overcome the running humanitarian crisis, and its societal, political and economic escalation, all over the world people are calling for a fundamental reorientation of human development in harmony with nature.United Sustainability pursues a vision, that probably most people share quietly. It may seem as a quiet dream, in simplicity and naivety, but is probably understood by all.

A common vision: the future, we wish

We wish for a world, in which all people can live together freely and peacefully, in their individuality and diversity, in cultural wealth and social equity. Embedded in the abundance of an ecologically vibrant nature.

We wish for a world, in which we humans live in peace and in dignity, in abundance and freedom, and in communities shaping our society together with all.

A world, in which sick and vulnerable people, old and young are protected. A world, in which we can exchange fairly, create and develop knowledge, and ourselves personally and as a human family.

A world with healthy landscapes and oceans, stable food chains, a balanced climate and intact livelihoods and good living conditions for all living beings.

Aware of a global urgency, facing our planetary’s boundaries and a rising socioeconomic crisis endangering our common future, we call for a just and sustainable future for all humans and the coming generations.

(Source: Daniel Dahm, 2018)