Services & Products

United Sustainability provides top-level sustainable investment intelligence and expertise to establish truly sustainable impact investments with top-level, long-term performances and highest ecological and social benefits.

We offer impact investments in sustainable real assets in the areas of technical and physical infrastructure as well as in Nature. Through this, we are aspiring

  • to establish a practical breakthrough towards a regenerative global economy, and
  • to foster the adaptation to the planetary ecological change, and
  • to push forward a just and life worth living future.

United Sustainability develops risk-minimized funds and financial products, and thereby enables institutional investors to participate in illiquid financial investments via optimally diversified, long-term investment portfolios that protect, strengthen and regenerate people and earth ecosystems.

Financial products & Fund solutions

Financial products & Fund solutions

  • Modeling, strategic design and conceptual development of innovative sustainable financial products; capital investment portfolios and fund solutions;
  • Development and structuring of customized investment portfolios, focussed on
    risk-minimized and return-optimized, long-term solutions;
    • Developing and structuring of sustainable investment portfolios, as well as stand-alone investments;
    • Development of sustainable risk management strategies, including diversification and long-term positioning;
    • Strategic adaptation and structuring of investment projects and assets along the strongest sustainability criteria to achieve maximum “good impacts” for people and nature, as well as safeguarding financial values for investors;
    • Implementation of multistakeholder participation and share ownership models.

Analyse, Evaluation, Due Diligence

Analysis, evaluation, due diligence, optimization of investment projects and portfolios, financial products and funds, strategies and ventures in the spectrum of sustainable asset investments

  • Systemic analysis, evaluation and adjustment of risk-return-profiles;
  • Analysis, evaluation and enhancement of SDG compliance, ESG-integration;
  • Taxonomy, evaluation and adjustment of Sustainable Risk Management (including “non-financial” impacts on nature and society (NFI-disclosure));
  • Sustainable Due Diligence, i.a. ecological, geographical, socio-economic, technical, financial, legal, and regulatory validation.

Asset Management, Fund Management, Supervision

Asset Management, Fund Management, Supervision: Controlling, Monitoring

  • Asset management of both, single investments, and comprehensive investment portfolios, including:
  • Sustainable Risk Management, and
  • High-level controlling of entire assets and of investment funds;
  • Supervision, monitoring, adjustment;
    • Controlling, project progress control;
    • Monitoring, project supervision;
    • Documentation, reporting.