latest press releases

09. July 2020 - Press Release

Frank Otto, entrepreneur and investor, joins the United Sustainability Group and takes over shares of the investment company United Sustainability GmbH.

16. June 2020 - Press Release

Strong international partnership for landscape protection, ecosystem restoration and regenerative economy: World Future Council and German Ocean Foundation acquire shares of the United Sustainability Group.


09. March 2022 - News

United Sustainability as part of the coalition successfully requesting for ethical investment standards of the Norwegian Pension Fund.

29. June 2021 - News

Future Policy Award 2021 crowns five best policies protecting from hazardous chemicals.

19. June 2021 - Publication

Knowledge for the Anthropocene.

With human-induced environmental impacts disrupting human life in deeper ways and at a wider scale than anything previously experienced, this multidisciplinary book looks at the ways that current knowledge bases seem inadequate to help us deal with such realities.
17. June 2021 - News

Dr. Daniel Dahm speaks at ZEIT-Gespräch, 4. Forum Anthropozän

10. June 2021 - Publication

Act now! Reflections in existential times.

45 renowned authors reflect on the extraordinary challenges of the 21st century causing our planetary burnout and calling for system change.
15. October 2020 - Publication

Benchmark Nachhaltigkeit: Sustainability Zeroline.

Dr. Daniel Dahm answers three questions about his book and places his findings in the context of possible shifts in how we see ourselves as a result of the Corona pandemic.
18. June 2020 - News

Dr. Daniel Dahm speaks at ZEIT-Gespräch 3. Forum Anthropozän 2020.

23. January 2020 - News

Daniel Dahm speaks at “ZEIT Themenwoche Österreich 2022”.

23. January 2020 - News

Daniel Dahm speaks about a regenerative economy and sustainable urban planning at the event “ZEIT für Graz” in the course of the “Graz Kulturjahr 2020”.