financing common livelihoods

Interfacing humanity and nature by impact investments in real values. 

In a time of global transformation, United Sustainability strives to make natural and infrastructural livelihoods accessible for all humans.

United Sustainability links up investors and financial institutions with our planetary habitats and ecosystems, to regenerate, to restore and to provide access to all primary demands of people everywhere.

opening new investment horizons

Financial value preservation by natural capital generation and socioeconomic wealth creation.

United Sustainability provides investors across the world the opportunity, to systematically invest in the infrastructural (technical, constructional-spatial) and bioecological livelihoods of humanity (agriculture, forestry and water management, natural forests and landscapes, food chains and ecosystem services) and thus, creating truly sustainable futures.

pioneering impact investments
into sustainable livelihoods

Establishing and processing World’s most advanced sustainable real values investment funds.

Realizing forceful sustainable impacts for climate, environment, and society for a just, intergenerational fair future.

Incubated by a strong pipeline of real asset projects, ranging from nature and ecosystem restoration, to technical and building infrastructures, provided by international experienced and committed project developers.

Investing in sustainable real values

Scaling up a universe of live-serving real assets.

United Sustainability matches institutional investors with selected and highly diversified sustainable real value assets: restoration of ecosystems, primary infrastructures and basic human needs.

Stabilizing and strengthening ecological and socioeconomic resilience, striving for true sustainable development.

Addressing all global regions and continents, optimal geographical spread, focusing on ecological and infrastructural livelihoods.

Empowering People, strengthening regional development, looping all UN-Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), closing the sustainable value chain.

Investing in concrete good impacts for our common future.

transforming financial capital to sustainable real capital

Safeguarding investments within real values: infrastructures, ecology, agroforestry, and basic livelihoods.

Preservation, strengthening and regeneration of the various capitals affecting life is the simple purpose of economic sustainability and the only meaningful motivation for the generation of financial capital.

Making investments possible, that support and strengthen a sustainable future and safeguard wealth preservation.

Combining financial value preservation, plus natural capital generation, plus socioeconomic wealth creation by realizing the generation of common livelihoods.

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advanced by dedicated people

Driven by our conviction to be able to shift towards a life supporting, restorative and truly sustainable economy.

made for people and planet

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United Sustainability is designed to provide access to sustainable livelihoods for today’s and future generations.