Monika Sebold-Bender

Dr. rer. pol. Dipl.-Stat.

With almost three decades of experience in the management of large insurance companies such as Munich Re and Generali, Monika is an internationally recognized expert in her industry. Most recently as Executive Board Member at ERGO Group as well as Generali Deutschland AG, she holds various positions as a non-executive Board Member and Senior Advisor since 2018.

Monika’s vita is characterized by a strong focus on sustainability, especially climate change and gender equality. She is a member of the Initiative Women on Supervisory Boards (FidAR) and ambassador of the International Female Network of the Insurance Industry (ISC). Her commitment to combating climate change and to sustainability is also reflected in her membership in the German Association Club of Rome. Here she advocates for a sustainable transformation of the economy by aligning corporate decision-making processes and business models with a strong concept of sustainability.

She is a non-executive member of the executive committee of the Institute of Insurance Economics at the University of St. Gallen and co-author of the standard reference work “Gabler Versicherungslexikon”.

Honorary positions (selection)

  • Deutsche Gesellschaft Club of Rome Projekt GmbH – Managing Director
  • ISC international female network of the insurance industry – Ambassador
  • FidAR e.V. Initiative Women on Supervisory Boards – Member
  • Instituts für Versicherungswirtschaft der Universität St. Gallen – Executive Committee Member

Stations (selection)

  • Marco Insurance PCC Limited – Independent, non-executive Board Member
  • British Reserve Insurance Co Ltd – Independent, non-executive Board Member
  • MS Amlin Marine NV – Independent, non-executive Board Member and Chair
  • MS Amlin SE – Independent, non-executive Board Member
  • Feil, Feil & Feil – Senior Advisor
  • ERGO Group – Executive Board Member, non-executive Board mandates in subsidiaries
  • Generali Deutschland AG – Executive Board Member, non-executive Moard mandates in subsidiaries
  • Generali Versicherung AG – Executive Board Member