Good impacts

Realizing good sustainable impacts by investing into the generation of common livelihoods and scaling good impacts up for an ecological resilient and life-worthy, just and peaceful world is our passion, goal and success benchmark.

Envisioned ecological benefits are i.a.

  • restoration of the planetary biocapacity and bio productivity,
  • CO2-sequestration and climate protection,
  • balancing geo-chemical flows,
  • regenerating soils and landscape restoration,
  • saving biological, genetical and functional biodiversity,
  • strengthening terrestrial, maritime and aquatic food chains and ecosystems,
  • establishing ecological business and investment principles.
Envisioned socio-economic benefits are i.a.

  • renewable energy and clean water supply,
  • health and education facilities,
  • infrastructures for agro-ecological (organic) farming and sustainable forestry,
  • food supply and safety,
  • empowerment of local and regional economies,
  • strengthening democratic stakeholder ownership and self-sufficiency.